1977 - Paul’s Chrome Plating was started by a fellow named Paul who had worked for many years at his father’s company, Warrendale Plating. Five years of running his own chrome plating service turned out to be enough for Paul.

1982 - Fred Hespenheide purchased Paul’s Chrome Plating. Fred spent the next 26 years running the chrome plating service with a focus on doing the right thing, regardless of whether it made or costed money, for no other reason than it is the right thing to do. Quality improved tremendously under Fred, and his 8 year old son Jim spent as much time as he could at the business. In the next 26 years, Fred expanded the chrome plating service gradually from 6 employees to 26 employees.

1998 - On August 22, the plant in Mars, Pennsylvania burned down and was a total loss. Fred decided to continue the chrome plating service at a location a few miles up the road in Evans City, Pennsylvania, where we are today.

2007 - Fred continued to own the chrome plating service, but left the daily operations to his son James Hespenheide. This was a seamless transition, as Jim had been at the plant since 1982 when he was 8 years old.

2012 – Paul’s Chrome Plating launches a new website! Jim, now 37, is still running the daily operations of the chrome plating service with Scott, Bill, Jason, Dawn, and a tremendous team of talented craftsmen.

  • Scott was Paul’s first employee in 1977, and today Scott is the Plating Manager.
  • Bill was working for Paul’s dad and came to work for Paul in 1981. Today Bill is the Sales Manager.
  • Jason is Jim’s brother and came to work at the plant in 2002. Today Jason does metal working, training, and sales.
  • Dawn is our friendly front line on the phone for price estimates and information.
  • Together, our 26-member team is striving to give our customers a service that is so good they will recommend us to their friends.

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