Whether you are restoring the grill of your vintage show-car, the brightwork on a wooden antique boat, customizing a hot street-car, or taking care of a valued client, Paul’s Chrome Plating is the right choice for your chrome plating project.
With over 35 years of experience as a leader in chrome plating, we know that restoration and customization doesn’t start with the part, it begins with the customer. Before we begin working, we contact you to discuss your goals for the project and we evaluate your parts. Once we understand your needs, we employ a rigorous preparation and restoration process to restore or add the character and beauty of chrome. After plating, each part is checked for quality, carefully packaged, and delivered, ready for installation. Most importantly, only after you are satisfied do we consider our work done.
This ongoing commitment to quality and personal service has earned Paul’s Chrome Plating the distinctive reputation in our industry as “The Before & After People”

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