Dawn85% of our work is shipped into and out of our facility.  You are certainly welcome to visit our office and have your parts evaluated in person, but since we have customers in all 50 states, Canada, Mexico, Costa Rica, Norway, Iceland, Germany, and one job from a Russian racer, most of our work is shipped.  Please put a note inside your package with a list of what is included and how you want us to contact you.

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strippingBefore any repair work can be done to your part, all old surface finishes and contaminants must be removed. Grease and oil are removed in a parts washer that is serviced by a waste reclamation company. Paints and powder coating are removed by a hot tank stripper or by a dry blast method.

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surface-preparationPlating only looks as good as the surface that it is applied to. Any deviation in the surface will mirror up and be magnified by the application of bright plating. Therefore, straightening, grinding, sanding, detailing, and buffing are extremely critical steps in determining the final outcome of the re-plated part.

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surface-restorationWhen deterioration is beyond removal by conventional sanding and buffing without risk to the substrate or its detail, the surface needs to be restored. This is accomplished by applying a substantial soft copper plating followed by a re-sanding.

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platingCleaning - In order for plating to properly adhere, the substrate must be completely free of all foreign materials, such as oil, buffing compounds, finger prints, and soap films. At Paul’s the process begins in an ultrasonic cleaner tank containing a special hot buffered cleaner.

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final-inspectionAfter drying, items are un-racked or de-wired and carted to the wrapping room where they receive their final inspection. Upon a satisfactory inspection, the parts receive an initial waxing and are wrapped in appropriate materials for protection.

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